Emergency Dental Pain Management

Emergency Dental Pain Management

Extractions: The commonest dental procedure that is carried out to manage dental pain is to extract the offending tooth. The cause is a badly decayed tooth. In some cases it may be a wisdom tooth that is either carious or impacted. A thorough dental examination will reveal the origin of your pain and appropriate management options. Please bring the list of current medications you are taking and also advice the dentist of any current/past medical conditions were are diagnosed with as any surgical procedure bears risks.

Please discuss the risks prior to any surgical procedure

Root canal treatment: Where extraction of the tooth is not the only available option to relieve pain, the dentist would encourage you to keep the offending tooth. The procedure then carried out to relieve the tooth of the pain is Root canal treatment. It involves the dentist anesthetizing the tooth and then draining the infection from the roots via the crown of the tooth. It would be completed in multiple visits, but pain is usually relived on the day of your appointment through this procedure.

Some teeth may be asymptomatic despite having advanced decay and signs of infection. The patient is sometimes unaware that his/her low- grade pain and discomfort is due to such undetected infected teeth. These teeth could be detected in routine dental examinations and root canal treatment is advised on them. Referrals to specialist endodontist are done as needed.

Antibiotics and Analgesics: Antibiotics are found to be of limited benefit in managing tooth ache in isolation but are effective when used in combination with a dental procedure. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for those cases where there is considerable infection and swelling with generalized signs of infection. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics lead to antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria(super bug).

Dentists in a vast majority of cases may advise you to manage pain with over-the -counter pain relief medications where procedure is delayed or after a procedure. Several studies have shown effective pain relief from over-the-counter pain relief medicines when used in the right combination.



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