Gum Health

Gum Health

Gums belong to the group of structures that hold the teeth firmly in their place. Poor gums eventually lead to loosening of teeth. ‘Gum disease’ is a loosely used term to involve gingivitis and periodontitis.

“Bleeding gums while brushing” is one of the commonest reasons why patients choose to seek dentist’s advice. It is one of the first signs to appear when the gums are infected along with change of color, pain and sensitivity usually termed ‘Gingivitis’.

Untreated gingivitis starts to affect the underlying jaw- bone and it is called ‘periodontitis’ which is concerning condition.

Regular brushing with a proper technique is one of the ways to keep gums in good health. Despite this some individuals still present with poor gums. A thorough examination may be required to understand the underlying factors that are contributing to poor gums in such individuals with focused treatment planning. Modern dentistry has got effective treatment options for such individuals who would otherwise sadly lose their teeth to periodontitis. Specialist(periodontist) referral is always encouraged in such situations to receive the best outcome of the treatment.

Gums are also affected by most factors that contribute to poor general health. It only reinforces the adage that ‘mouth is the gateway to your body’.

Individuals with chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Smoking, Immune deficient, nutrition deficient, hormonal imbalances etc. require regular monitoring of their gums.

Poor infected gums have been recently identified as a risk factor in contributing to heart disease(inflammation) in susceptible individuals.



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