Dental Visits

Dental Visits

We at Warwick smiles dental clinic understand that planning to visit a dentist can be a cause of “dental anxiety” and it is very common. We encourage not to put off your dental concerns due to such fears as dentistry now is practiced with minimal discomfort. Dr Pani takes pride in hisnon-judgmental, gentle and friendly approach to take the stress out of your dental visits. Your dental concerns would be addressed within your “comfort zone” and customized such that you achieve the best result with least stress.

Checkups and oral hygiene visits:

Checkups can be limited to your main dental concern of the day or could involve the dentist having a thorough look at all your teeth and surrounding structures to devise a treatment plan for any issues that need further attention. These treatment plans are customized taking into considerationand prioritized as per the clinical requirement. Payment plans and health funds may be used as applicable.

Oral hygiene visits usually involve one or more visits to remove plaque and tartar build ups on your teethwith procedures to improve oral hygiene and promote gum health. Dietary advice and Oral hygiene instructions are catered to your specific situationand these can be discussed with the dentist. This approach helps you in understanding the cause of your dental concerns, how you unknowingly may be contributing to current dental crisis and learn ways to counter them.



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