Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing Missing Teeth

A person missing functional teeth could be facing compromised chewing capacity, speech difficulty, change in physical appearance, nutritional inadequacy, digestive challenges etc to name a few.

Having some prosthetic replacement for missing functional teeth is highly recommended and Warwick smiles dental clinic would love to be part of the process in regaining your missing teeth and confidence.

Dentures: Dentures are simply the most commonest and affordable means to replace missing teeth. Dentures can replace teeth that are partially missing or replace the whole top and bottom teeth by complete dentures. In some cases these dentures can be stabilized by implants called as implant retained dentures. Speak to the dentist during your appointment for further in depth assessment of what options you have got for replacement of missing teeth.

Bridges: Offered in cases of one or more missing teeth where other options to replace lost tooth/teeth may not be suitable.

Implants: Usually offered in cases as a better option to bridge or where bridge is ruled out. Dental Implants are simply a false tooth which is screwed into the jaw bone.



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